Google has launched a beta version of YouTube Video Builder, a new tool to help small businesses and brands create short marketing videos. With many businesses being forced to work remotely thanks to Coronavirus social distancing, shooting new marketing videos isn’t possible but the new tool provides a bit of a stop-gap by allowing users to create short videos on the platform.

“For businesses who don’t have resources to create videos from scratch, Video Builder can help. It’s a free beta tool that animates static assets—images, text and logos—with music from our library. You can choose from a variety of layouts based on your message and goals, customize colors and font and quickly generate a short YouTube video (6 seconds or 15 seconds).”

official Google blog

The beta version is currently free and it’s not yet known if YouTube will launch a full (and paid for) version later in 2020. It’s been confirmed that the tool was not created specifically to aid businesses during the pandemic, but has been released early to help brands and businesses at this difficult time.

YouTube Video Builder

Google has said that for those who have existing videos, Video Builder “can help bring agility and experimentation to the creation process by generating supplemental, lightweight videos“. For smaller businesses or users with less creative experience, the tool can “provide an efficient, low-resource way to create videos”. Complete novices to video creation are actively encouraged by Google to give the tool a try, with lots of templates to get you started.

How to use the new tool

Click play on the video below to see how to use YouTube Video Builder.

How can businesses sign up for YouTube Video Builder?

If you’re interested in trying the Video Builder beta, you can find out more and sign up here. Google has said that it will email users once access is granted and you’ll need to sign up with an email address linked to one of its products (Google Analytics, for example). If you have a Google team, you’ll need to request access to the YouTube Video Builder through them. 

If you need help with this tool or any other aspect of your digital marketing, drop me a line or leave a comment below.

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