With just days to go before Black Friday shopping frenzy, Instagram has expanded its Shopping offering by unveiling three new features.

The new features will offer users easier ways to discover new products, create wish lists, and shop with their favourite brands all in one place. That place is on Instagram.

Instagram Shopping collection

When a user is checking out a business profile, Story, or Feed they can now tap on a product to enable the ‘Save’ icon in the bottom right-hand corner to save it to their ‘Shopping collection’. Perfect for those who are not yet ready to make a purchase, or want to compile a wish list for later.

Video Feed shopping

Watching a video and like something on the screen? You can now shop in videos. When viewing an Instagram video, you can now tap the ‘Shopping’ icon in the bottom left-hand corner to see the products featured in the video and learn more about them or make a purchase.

Redesign of the Shop tab on business profiles

Instagram revealed that it is also testing a redesign of the Shop tab on business profiles. The improvements will mean users can quickly view all the products featured in their shopping posts. To find this feature, tap on the ‘Shop’ button to see the products on offer.

Instagram hopes the updates will “unlock new ways to discover and connect with the brands and products that inspire you”.

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Check out the official Instagram announcement.

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