Looking for viral content inspiration? Twitter has announced the most popular Tweet of all time to be a request for free food to Wendy’s.

Carter Wilkerson’s (@carterjwm) Tweet has received over 3,2million RTs, making it the most shared single piece of content on the platform. He started out by asking Wendy’s how many Retweets would be needed in order for him to get a years worth of free nuggets. The fast food brand replied with “18 million”.

Soon, big names started to get involved, including @tyleroakley, @debbyryan, @Zedd, @marcorubio, @kathygriffin, @jaketapper, @zaralarsson, @Busyphilipps2, @microsoft, @amazon, and @hollisterco.

Curious to know who came a close second?

Race for the most retweeted Tweet

Before the Tweet went viral, Carter had a modest 138 followers, He now has well over 120,000. And as many chicken nuggets as he can eat.


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