Not everything on social media is a quick win, in fact, a lot of time and effort are required to grow any digital marketing channel. However, there are some easy things you can do that don’t take much time but can really give your social channel a boost.

I’m going to focus on quick wins for your Facebook Page today as that’s the most popular social channel at the moment.

Onward to the wins!

1. Check who’s reacted to your Facebook posts then invite them to like your page

This is one of the quickest ways to boost your followers on Facebook and is easy to do. Head over to one of your Facebook posts then click on the line underneath on the left, it will say something like “Joe Bloggs and 16 others”.

When you click the text, another box will open over the top of your post showing the list of Facebook users who reacted to your post. Note that next to each person’s name that there is some text that will let you know if they have liked your Facebook Page or not. If they haven’t liked it yet, and you haven’t tried to invite them to like it before, you’ll see a grey button that says “Invite”.

Clicking the “Invite” button will send a notification to that user to let them know you invited them to like your Facebook Page.

I’ve found this to be a simple but effective way to grow my client’s Facebook page organically.

2. Use GIFs when you don’t know what to say

Everyone knows you should engage with your audience, right? Social media is a two-way street – your followers will react to and comment on your content, and that’s what you want. However, some brands and business get a bit stuck with how to reply to some comments or are scared off by a somewhat negative comment. That’s when GIFs come into their element.

You can easily respond to comments on your Facebook post using the GIF button found on the right-hand side when leaving a comment.

Somebody entered your Facebook competition, but you don’t know what to say back to them? How about wishing them good luck with a GIF.

Grateful customer but you’re not sure what to say? How about a cheeky thank you GIF?

Want to agree with someone in a non-threatening way? Cue this Bowie GIF.

3. Update your cover photo regularly

Remember the photo of your shop front that barely passed as a cover photo three years ago? Well, that’s now pixelated with a weird crop because Facebook changed the size of its Cover Photo six times since then. Regularly updating your Facebook Page Cover Photo will not only make your brand looks slick, but it will tell your followers (and prospective customers) that you want to keep your content fresh.

4. Use emojis

92% of online users use emojis, and frequent users of the cute little emoticons feel they express their feelings more accurately than words. Emojis are readily available on most social media platforms, and Facebook has made it easy to access them while creating a post.

5. Get to grips with Facebook Stories

Since its launch in March of 2017, the Stories feature has reached over 150 million daily active users and Stories are growing fifteen times faster than standard NewsFeed sharing, so it’s worth getting involved. It’s quick and easy to publish a Story using your mobile device or a desktop computer.

Test out Stories on your personal profile so you can see how it works then get creative on your company Page.

Still need a helping hand? Drop me a line for an informal chat about how I can help you to improve your social media content.
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