Why should you care about Facebook Live video? Online video consumption continues to rise and is predicted to be the driving factor behind 80% of all web traffic by 2019. The dominance of social media has been a major part of its success with platforms such as YouTube and Facebook scrambling to leverage its popularity to retain users.

Facebook Live video broadcasting has been available to all pages since 2016 and offers brands and businesses the opportunity to broadcast with minimal technical ability and equipment. It’s free and extremely easy to use so it makes sense for brand teams to build it into the marketing strategy. For smaller businesses, who may not have a marketing assistant let alone a whole team, it can be difficult to find the time and creativity to cultivate content ideas.

If you’re finding it hard to see how you can add facebook live video to your marketing, here’s five ideas to inspire you.

How-to and tips

Show your audience how to ‘do it like a pro’ and stream a live demo or educational piece. This type of content is suited to a wide range of business types: hairdressers showing off colouring tequniques; estate agencies demonstrating how to dress a house for sale; clothing retailers giving the latest style trends or how to accessorise an outfit; or a craft supplies store reviewing the latest card-making kits. Once you’re done, Facebook will save the video to your business page and you’re on the way to building up a library that users can access and view on demand.

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Q&A session

Perhaps the easiest way to start using the Facebook Live video feature for any business is to host a question and answer session. Simply let your page audience know when you intend to go live and then everyone tunes in to the page at that time, questions in hand. You can see the number of users watching your broadcast and they ask questions by leaving a comment on the video in real time. You then interact with the audience and address comments directly as the video plays.

This type of video content would be great for a product, event, or film launch.

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Behind-the-scenes content

Going behind the scenes isn’t just for the theatre, people like to see what goes on behind closed doors at all kinds of businesses. Whether a whistle-stop tour of the premises, a tease of a top-secret ingredient, or a glimpse of how a product is made or resourced, viewers love getting the inside scoop on their favourite brands.

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Create beautiful sweeping drone videos

Not the cheapest way to bring video into your marketing plan I must admit, but using a drone to film anything is always cool and impressive. This could be a really suave way to showcase hotel grounds or a golf course, give a sophisticated overhead view of a concert or event, or if the audience are in it for the long haul, a first-hand view of a delivery being made.

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Find our more about Facebook Live or drop me a line to chat through how your business can utilise the feature as part of your ongoing marketing plan.

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